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Have a busy schedule? Saving recipes and meal prepping can save time, money and provide a nutritionally well-balanced diet.


Difficult to find meals that accommodate to you? Feed accommodates for you. Add your favorite cuisine and meal type.


Is it exhausting to explain your religious dietary needs? Well, you're not the only one, welcome to our Feed community.

Enjoy meals, for you

Save Recipes & Meal Prep

Recipes are catered towards your religious dietary needs. Meal prepping allow you to plan your means ahead of time to ensure that you always have a well-balanced meal.

Meals you can eat, near you

There's always an option

Meals near you will give you the option to see where you are able to eat according to your dietary restrictions. You can view ingredients for all the meals that are available to you.

Join a community, like you

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A community will allow you to interact and connect with others and create personalized meals. Make a meal together and substitute ingredients.

Explore events, you love


The explore feature gives you the opportunity to attend events with friends and learn about other religions.

" Feed has been a lifesaver for me! I have loved planning my meals and being able to find places to eat nearby especially when I have a busy schedule.
- Kate W.

"My friends and I have been planning dinners together and thanks to Feed, finding substitutes for specific ingredients has been so simple and easy."
- Mark A.